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About Us

We are a local community group that began in 2011 with a vision to ensure that Waiwhetū Stream is a healthy functioning ecosystem and is treasured and enjoyed by our community.

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Our logo: the kotukū


Image: Department of Conservation

The kotukū or white heron is a rare bird in New Zealand. Originally from Australia, it can fly between the two countries. The main breeding site for New Zealand is in South Westland. Sighting a kotukū on the Waiwhetū Stream is a rare and welcome sight.


Image: FWS

He kotuku rerenga tahi. | A kotukū’s flight is seen but once.

Nga kotuku awe-nui o te uru
Ka moe whakaaio ki te mate. | The long-plumed white herons of the west sleep peacefully in death.

Kotuku 2.jpg

Image: FWS

The feathers of the kotukū are highly prized by Māori for use in ceremonial cloaks. Kotukū feed mostly on small fish (such as whitebait), eels, frogs, shrimp, aquatic insects, mice and small birds (such as silvereyes). They may grab prey with their sharp, dagger-like beak.

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We work closely with local and regional bodies


Hutt City Council


Greater Wellington 

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